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  • What is the effect? Why is it effective?
  • How do I use it?
  • Other concerns
What is the effect of WAVESAFE?
When you make a call, the electromagnetic waves communicate with the base station via the head, and the head is exposed to electromagnetic waves (radio waves).
WAVESAFE leads electromagnetic waves in the direction of the hands, thus reducing the amount of electromagnetic radiation exposed to the head by about one tenth.
How does it reduce the electromagnetic radiation exposure to the head?
When talking on a smartphone, the emitted electromagnetic waves are radiated directly through the head as it is.
When you use WAVESAFE, these electromagnetic waves are guided in the direction of the hands, and are radiated through the hands. Thus, the electromagnetic waves exposed to the head will become about 1/10.
Will it affect the phone? Will the phone sound less audible during calls?
WAVESAFE merely changes the direction of radio waves (electromagnetic waves) from head to hand. It does not change the strength of radio waves (electromagnetic waves). Therefore, it does not affect the phone and the quality of the call is not affected.
Why is it better to change the direction than to absorb or cut the radio waves?
Mobile phones and smartphones communicate with base stations. If you absorb or cut radio waves (electromagnetic waves), then electromagnetic waves attenuate and this impairs the communication quality.
WAVESAFE does not change the strength of radio waves, but rather directs the radio waves in the direction of the hand that is opposite the head. So, there is no significant impact on the quality of communication.
Won't redirecting toward hands impact the body?
Cells in the hand are reproduced relatively easily even in the case of damage, as you can see from the way scratches on the hands heal. On the other hand, brain cells are not regenerated once they are damaged. So there is a fear of tumors etc., which has a more serious effect.
I always put my smartphone on a desk when I am writing an email or browsing the Internet. What happens to electromagnetic waves in that case?
WAVESAFE is aimed at reducing the amount of head exposure during a call on a smartphone. When you are not holding it in your hand, there will be no palm to redirect the waves. This is similar to using a smartphone without WAVESAFE, and electromagnetic waves will be emitted almost evenly in all directions.
I hardly make any phone calls. Can you reduce the impact on the head even when using e-mail or the Internet?
WAVESAFE is designed to reduce the impact of electromagnetic waves on the head during a call.
In the case of e-mail or the Internet, there is no fear of electromagnetic radiation exposure to the head in the first place, since smartphones are away from the head. Therefore, there is not any effect in particular on reduction in impact on the head when using e-mail or the Internet.
Can I use it with any smartphone??
Rest assured, as it does not impact the camera or the flash, if the smartphone width and length are at least 58mm and 78mm respectively.
Can I use it with a feature phone?
It can’t be used with a feature phone. WAVESAFE is used by putting it between the antenna of the phone and the hand. In feature phones, as the antenna is on the upper side of the flip, it is not covered by your hands. So, electromagnetic waves cannot be redirected in feature phones.
Where is it best to stick WAVESAFE on the case?
Smartphones have a component called chip antenna for transmitting radio waves. This chip antenna is often placed under the back of the mobile phone. WAVESAFE is also effective when you stick it on the lower part on the backside, matching this position.
May I remove the back lid of the phone and put it on the inside?
It cannot be used by sticking it inside the telephone. Stick it on the inside of a case for a commercially available smartphone, or use it sandwiched between the phone body and the case.
Will it be effective if I stick it on the smartphone itself?
A smartphone is a radio device under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
It will not hinder the functionality of the phone even if you stick it directly on the smartphone. However, adding antennas is not legally permitted.
Can I use WAVESAFE with another smartphone?
If the case can be used with a new smartphone as well, then you may use the case that is fitted with WAVESAFE as it is.
You can peel it off from the case and paste it on another case if it does not break or become bent or distorted.
Can I use a torn WAVESAFE?
A torn WAVESAFE has no effect.
Please do not use a torn WAVESAFE as it may lower the reception sensitivity of the phone.
Will WAVESAFE be as effective if pasted on the outer side of the case?
The electromagnetic waves can still be redirected if the thickness of the case is 1 mm or less. So, WAVESAFE will still have the same effect.
What kind of material is suitable for the case?
The best materials are thin silicone rubber or plastic.
Leather is also suitable. You cannot use plastic mixed with metal powder or a silver case made by depositing metal on plastic, as they change the characteristics of electromagnetic waves.
How about a bumper that protects the side of the phone?
Silicon rubber or plastic bumpers do not affect the effectiveness of WAVESAFE.
Metal bumpers cannot be used as they change the characteristics of electromagnetic waves.
What is the best position to paste WAVESAFE in?
he best position is the bottom lower part of the back side of the case.
It is fine even if the position is slightly different.
Will pasting WAVESAFE on the body prevent electromagnetic waves?
It will have no effect at all.
When using WAVESAFE, should I avoid using the smartphone if holding my child on my lap? (As the head of the child will be placed near the hand)
The extent of the influence of electromagnetic waves on a child varies greatly depending on the positional relationship between the child and mother who is using the smartphone. However, we believe that regardless of whether you are using WAVESAFE, it would be better to avoid using a smartphone holding a child on your lap. WAVESAFE redirects the electromagnetic waves in the direction of the hands. However, when you are not using WAVESAFE, these waves could consequently get absorbed into the body parts of your child that are prone to absorb electromagnetic waves, such as the skull which has a greater impact. As a result, we recommend that you avoid using smartphones while you are holding your child on your lap.
My WAVESAFE got wet. Will this cause problems?
There will be no impact on the effectiveness of WAVESAFE.
Can I use WAVESAFE as it is between the smartphone main body and the smartphone case, without removing the release paper of the seal?
Yes, you can use WAVESAFE as it is between the smartphone main body and the smartphone case. Its effect will still be achieved.
While using it, please place it as low as possible at the bottom of the case, so that it does not move.
Can I use it on a tablet, such as an iPad?
WAVESAFE weakens the effects of electromagnetic waves when you place a mobile phone or smartphone on your head while making a call.
There is not much effect because tablets such as an iPad are not so close to the head.
My mobile phone is narrow in width, so the seal does not fit the back and bends over. Will it be as effective?
Unfortunately the effectiveness of WAVESAFE may change if it bends or wrinkles.
We recommend that you use WAVESAFE on a mobile phone model with a lateral width of 58mm or more.
If I use the seal without peeling off the release paper then it is slightly displaced. Will that be a problem?
There is not much impact on the effectiveness of WAVESAFE if it is slightly displaced or if the inclination is changed.
As far as possible, place it along the bottom end of the phone.
The seal does not come in close contact with a case made of silicone rubber. Is this okay?
Do not peel off the release paper of the seal. Please use it sandwiched between the smartphone main unit and the smartphone case.
I do not use a case. Can I stick WAVESAFE directly on to a smartphone?
WAVESAFE is equally effective even if you stick is directly on to a smartphone. However, we recommend that you stick it to the case or use it sandwiched between the case and the main body to avoid damage such as the product being continually rubbed which may cause damage.
Can I use it again if I change my smartphone?
You can peel it from the case and paste it again on another case while ensuring that it does not break or get bent. But, this may be difficult depending on the material of the case.
In that case, please do not peel off the release paper of the seal, just use it sandwiched between the main body of the smartphone and the case.
You can use it by placing it between the main body and the case, without pasting it. It will be as effective as if it were pasted on the case. Sandwich it as low as possible inside the case and fix it on.
Can I use it with a waterproof smartphone?
You can, without any problems.
My hands have a tingling sensation even when I use WAVESAFE. Is this normal?
People whose peripheral nerves are hypersensitive may experience a tingling sensation as the peripheral nerves of the hand are stimulated by electromagnetic waves emitted by the mobile when it is being used. Such a person may experience this sensation while operating a PC as well.
This symptom appears more intensely as a result of the effect of WAVESAFE, since WAVESAFE redirects the electromagnetic waves to the hand that the head is exposed to. For people with a hypersensitive constitution, whether to use WAVESAFE or not is a comparison between whether to aim for brain tumor prevention by reduction of brain exposure or whether to avoid hand exposure and discomfort. It is possible to use conductive gloves for electronic circuit workers as a method of avoiding the exposure of the hands. When you wear gloves, the electromagnetic waves will pass through the surface of the hand that has many peripheral nerves, and will be emitted from the arm.
Where is WAVESAFE made?
WAVESAFE is produced in factories in Japan that conform to ISO9001: 2008 quality control standards.
What is the electromagnetic wave absorption rate?
WAVESAFE is a wave director, it changes direction from head to hand without absorbing electromagnetic waves.
Therefore, the theoretical absorption rate is 0%.
If it absorbs, it will interfere with the communication of the phone, causing disruption of calls and abnormal consumption of battery power.
Can WAVESAFE be used permanently?
WAVESAFE can be used without sacrificing its effect as long as it does not break or bend.
I often put my smartphone in my pocket. Are there any benefits of sticking a sticker and placing it in my pocket?
WAVESAFE is intended to avoid exposure to the head. If the WAVESAFE is facing the body side in the pants pocket, the electromagnetic waves will be absorbed by the body.
When put in a jacket pocket, electromagnetic waves are not emitted in the direction of parts that will be harmed. But, putting it in the trousers pocket may affect the testicles. So, please put it in your coat pocket and turn WAVESAFE outward. This does not affect the reception sensitivity in any way.
Can I use the NFC function of my smartphone while using WAVESAFE on the case?
You can use any NFC service including Apple Pay without problems.
What is the useful life of WAVESAFE?
You can continue to use it as long as it is not torn or broken.
Doesn't changing the direction of electromagnetic waves affect the surroundings?
For example, will it have any adverse effects on my friends standing next to me?
Even when a friend is standing next to you, the strength of the electromagnetic waves decrease greatly in inverse proportion to the square of the distance.
There is no adverse effect if not in close proximity.
When I am making a phone call while standing, will electromagnetic waves flow toward small children who are below me?
When using WAVESAFE, electromagnetic waves are radiated from the hand away from the child to the elbow, but there is a danger of being affected if the distance to the child is less that 15cm.
When making a call, please stand 15cm or more away from your child. Even when you are connected to the Internet or making a call using earphones while holding your smartphone in your hand, there is a danger that there may be adverse effects on your child if they are within 15cm from you, regardless of whether you are using WAVESAFE or not. Therefore, when you hold your child in front of you and connect to the Internet on his or her head, the distance from the head of the child will be 5 cm or less, the exposure dose will increase greatly to nearly ten times, and it will exceed the WHO regulation value, regardless of whether you are using WAVESAFE or not.
Further to this, when you go out, if you hold a smartphone or a feature phone in a pocket or a belt when hugging, then your child's head will receive a strong exposure each time the phone communicates with the base station. Base stations are located every few km. So, your child's head will be exposed to electromagnetic waves during communication with the base station every few minutes on trains and cars, and similarly, every few minutes when walking in a downtown high-rise area, due to the impact of building shadows etc. Regardless of whether you are using WAVESAFE, please stop holding the child in front of you and using the mobile phone on his or her head.
When sending by international courier etc., will the effectiveness of WAVESAFE decline due to effects of electromagnetic waves of airplanes and cosmic radiation?
It will not have any impact.